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Ignite Gym




Ignite is a brand new facility with brand new equipment. We’ve partnered with the best in the business to deliver the latest high-tech training tools and give you the best experience you can get from the gym floor to classes and reformer pilates. Here’s what we’ve got.

The fitness studio inside Ignite gym

This is where fun group fitness gives back. Whatever your work out, our built-in tech can monitor your every move, making sure you get the most from your moves. Add in high-end sounds that match the mood – from full-on aggression to meditative bird song - and you’re in fit-tech studio heaven. Try our reformer pilates classes for a great workout experience.

Girl squatting inside Ignite gym

Are you ready? This could just be your best workout. Ever. Whether you’re a first timer or a regular rigger, working this floor area in groups will drive you to push harder and burst your fitness bubble. From tyre hammering to hang offs, chin ups to warbles, this is where hard work is really worth it.

Group cycle room inside Ignite gym Cuffley


When the room goes red, it’s time to ignite. Get your legs spinning on our Technogym cycles and our immersive ride room will take you to the next level. Compete against yourself or challenge your friends to the beat of big pumping tunes and a radical light rig. You wouldn’t stop, even if you could.


Don’t just walk out the door. Get just reward for pushing yourself with some nutritious, healthy food and drink. This is the place to meet, socialise and catch up. It’s what makes the Ignite community.

The cool down cafe inside Ignite gym

Ignite’s not just about exercise, it’s about healthy body, mind and soul. This acoustically sealed section is a peaceful zone for massage, physio fixes or even a hair and beauty treatments. Speak to the desk to find out what’s possible.


If you run a business with a service our members could benefit from, please get in touch to discuss room hire.


We’re not a stinky gym. In fact, we’re one of the freshest – and healthiest - gyms out there. Our facility has been purpose built with air quality in mind. The air at Ignite is filtered 10 times every hour.


Want to feel luxurious? We’ve got it covered. We provide a towel service for every visitor, our changing rooms are spotless, our showers are punchy and hot, we’ve got plenty of private lockers and our WiFi is everywhere. The floor has a cinema screen and sound with cable TV too – so you can work out to everything from banging music videos to Champions League football. 

The gym floor inside Ignite gym

2  —

Strength Zone

Pump up your muscles at the back in the strength zone, with mat areas containing tonnes (literally) of Technogym kit including Olympic weights, dumbbells, a dead lift rack, benches and punch bags. 

1  —

Cardio Zone

Get your heart pumping in the central cardio zone, with a wide range of tech-fed resistance machines from top brand Technogym. Bikes, cross trainers, rowers and treadmills, plus our unique vertical climbing travelator. 

3 —

Fitness Zone

Step up front and show us what you’ve got in our full-on functional fitness zone. Mix things up with a rig, sprint track, bike and even a weighted tyre flip. 


It’s easy to max out your workout time at Ignite, with a main floor split into three core areas. From a once-a-week wonder to a non-stop muscle machine, we’ve got what you need to keep moving.

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