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1. Is working out in the morning better for you?

You should workout when it is convenient for you and your body. Although there is no evidence that an early morning workout is beneficial for you, some people are simply more productive at this time. You'll get results no matter what time of day it is, as long as it is convenient for you. At Ignite, we’re open from 6:00am. Enough time to workout and catch the early train from Cuffley Station to get into work on time.

2. Should I create a plan for my sessions?

Yes, this will assist you in making the most of your workout. Determine which muscle groups you'll target, whether you'll conduct a strength or HIIT workout, and what equipment you'll need. Then consider how many reps and sets you're going to do. You won't waste time procrastinating this way, and you'll be more productive as a result.

3. Do I have to exercise every day?

It's not necessary to train every day to have a successful training week. If you work as hard as you can in each session, three to four gym or home exercises each week should suffice. Try to incorporate cardio, HIIT, strength, and yoga or Pilates into your week. When it comes to staying active, though, you should try to move as much as possible every day, whether it's through vigorous walking, jogging, swimming, gardening, or putting your all into cleaning! Have you tried walking up Cuffley hill towards Goffs Oak?

4. How long do I need to exercise?

This is dependent on your fitness levels, the type of exercise you undertake, and the intensity at which you train. Always remember that something is always preferable to nothing. If you just have 30 minutes, try to squeeze in an HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout or a run.

Set aside more time for warming up and moving if you're doing a strength training to minimise injury, and make sure you're getting enough rest between sets. In any case, you don't need to be slaving away for hours on end!

5. Do I need to change up my training routine in order to notice results?

You must vary your regimen if you want to see real results in your body. The body quickly adapts to exercise, and if you keep doing the same workout or lifting the same weights, you'll reach a plateau when your body no longer responds to the training stimulus. As often as possible, increase the frequency, intensity, or type of training.

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