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1. How often should I take a break?

Allow your body to rejuvenate and heal at least one rest day per week so that you can return stronger.

2. How often and when should I stretch?

Before an exercise, do some dynamic stretching (active muscular stretching like walking lunges or jogging with high knees). Then, do static stretches such as a standing thigh stretch or side lunge for post-workout recovery, focusing on the muscles you’ve worked. This will decrease your risk of injury, improve blood flow and circulation, increase your range of motion and improve muscle function. You can never stretch too much!

3. What is the most effective approach to relieve painful muscles?

Protein is essential for reducing muscle damage and pain after an exercise, so make sure you eat plenty of it. Rest and a good night's sleep will also allow the body to restore itself.

Take a bath with Epsom salts, which are high in magnesium and will help to relax your muscles. Alternatively, foam rolling, which functions as a self-massage and protects the connective tissue between the muscles, is a good option.

4. When and how should I use a foam roller?

Foam rolling helps to enhance mobility and flexibility by acting as a deep tissue massage. Rolling before a workout will warm up your body and enhance circulation to the muscles you'll be working. Foam rolling is an excellent post-workout recovery aid because it eliminates lactic acid (a waste product produced by your body during exercise) from your muscles.

5. What is the role of exercise in mental health?

Exercising has been found in studies to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and increase concentration. It also releases endorphins, which promote emotions of well-being.

Overtraining can cause your body and mind to become stressed, resulting in elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, a well-balanced fitness programme is essential.

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